Marina Bay at dusk
The beautiful Singapore skyline

I moved to Singapore in 2012, and have had a few ad-hoc adventures while I’ve been here; so when a friend suggested I start a blog to share my travel stories, I thought I’d do just that…

So here I am: The Last Minute Traveller!!

I want to show that it’s not only possible, but easy to travel with minimal prep and a doable budget… I want you to see that you too can explore the world around you, dream of those special places you really want to go (and then go there!) but more importantly, that you can also discover a whole bunch of other destinations along the way.

All you really need are an open mind, a sense of adventure, and a little bit of flexibility in where you want to go (and when), and you can start embarking on your own adventures! And the best bit is that, no matter where you end up, every destination will have its own little bit of fabulous just waiting for you to find it…

Check out the Destinations menu to see stories and images about some of the places you can also explore, and the Moments menu for a quick look look at some of the really special things I have discovered along the way.

~ Leanne

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